Sunday, August 29

Favorite Nail Colours of the Month

Hey M'lovelys! Ok, so this is just a quick update for you...Favorite nail Colours;)

1. L.A. Color colour craze 'Feisty Orange'
2. Petites 'Gold Star'(I love putting this gold over pinks;))
3. Orly Medium shade pink (I could not figure out the color to this..I'm so bummed!)
4. Maybelline Express 'Lilac'
5. Sally Hanson Hard as nails 'Blue Me Away!'
6. Pure Ice 'Gray' (you can get this at Walmart.)

Ok....These are the things I use to care for my nails.
1. A cuticle stick (of course)
2. Creative Nail Designs cuticle cream
3. Maybelline 'Ultimate Wear clear nail enamel' I love this clear nail polish because its brush is wide and able to cover my nail with one stroke .

What do you all think of black nail polish? Too Gothic? Too weird?

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Hey, i don't know but you might want to include in the post, that before you put colour nail vanish on you really should put clear nail vanish on 1st. :)

    And black is my favourite nail vanish colour. I'm wearing it right now hehe.
    but black is my favourite colour so yeah.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for caring yes i put it on before and after i paint my nails...i dont always paint my nails so i just use the cuticle cream and the clear nail polish.

  3. I like the lilac.
    I just got some coral sooo pretty.
    I follow you and I found you from Alex's blog.BY!Sierra

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  5. Hey, Maly! I don't think black nailpolish is too gothic... it's emo too! lol. But, it is an okay color to wear. It's my fave color though, so it depends on how much YOU like it. You don't have to wear it if you don't like the color!

    Luv ya!!!


  6. Haha I meant Thanks!:) sorry lol

    @"Alex" haha ok yeah i know you LOVE black nail polish...the reason i asked was because i just painted my toenails black today. So yeah i was wondering what everyone else thought of it.


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