Saturday, March 1

ways to wear leather

 lately, I've been really loving the leather look.
 after seeing many famous celebs and women rocking it, I fell in love! I decided to take the cutest looks, and share them with you all! notice as you're looking though the pictures that there are different styles and clothing with leather!

leather leggings. L to R: olivia palermo, sofia vergara, kristen cavallari. (the way kristen c paired a black turtle-neck with her leggings is so cute! it's such a simple, yet chic outfit.)

leather shorts. loooove how heidi klum paired tights with her shorts.

colored leather leggings. these are red hot! especially paired with a neutral-colored top.

this looks takes the cake for me, kim k looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g in this outfit! it really flatters her, it's fun, yet classy. (definitely one of my faves)
leather pencil skirts. (very classy, yet spicy!) L to R: nikki reed, sandra bullock, angelina jolie

Saturday, February 8

my life in pictures

Lacrosse season is rolling around! I'm so excited!
It's been snowing non-stop here in Portland. VERY unusual for February. I'm not complaining though, I haven't been to school or work in a few days!

Cheer leading is coming to an end. Our state competition is next week and we only have a few more basketball games!
How cute are these?! I fell in loooove. ♥ does anyone know what they are called?
my little brother Donavon and I chilling out in the car on our way home.

My school had our winter formal last Saturday! Unfortunately we got kicked out because of the amount of intoxicated people. (I was not intoxicated fyi)

My big sister Cameron and I went on a little bubble tea run the other day! I got Kumquat with strawberry jellies and she got Lychee with rainbow jellies... so yummy

Friday, August 16

I'm back!

I've really missed you all. I gave this blog some changes, made it more modern! Three years later, it's time for a fresh start.

I've been quite the busy girl lately! I've been working, I have cheer practices, I just recently got back from cheer camp. I'm getting ready for school to start up again, shopping and such.  I've also been sick with mono for the past few weeks, which sucked! That's pretty much what I've been up to with my life.

I'm feeling really excited about the blog now, I can't wait to start posting again! Keep a lookout for some new posts coming soon!

Monday, July 9

So I saw this picture of MAC's nail polish collection, and I thought it would be awesome to show you all!

These hot nail colors are GORGEOUS, all ranging from nude pinks, to orange, to hot pink, and even dark navy blue and greys! All great to wear during the Summer season!

Click HERE to shop and buy these lovely nail colors! 

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 27


Hope you're all doing well! Can't believe it's almost April! Easter is just around the corner! What are you all going to be doing to celebrate it?

So, I haven't been posting as regularly as I should be, and I apologize for that! I've been feeling very un-inspired lately with it lately and I feel like I don't have anymore ideas on what to post on here! 

I came across this wonderful nail beauty blog today and have decided to share it with you all!

The owner's name is Sammy, and she is the owner of the blog called Nailasaurus, (, and oh my, she is such a talented nail artist!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of her nail artwork!!

 (How awesome are these?!)

 Doesn't she do an amazing job?! Go check her out for more nail ideas!!

Hope you're all having a great week!


Tuesday, February 28

Top 10 best-dressed celebs at the 2012 Oscars!

Gwyneth Paltrow: This is my most favorite dress of all, I LOVE the cape, the simple hairstyle, EVERYTHING.

Sandra Bullock: This is my second fave. And I only have one word to describe this: GORGEOUS.

Jessica Chastain: I love how unique this dress is! Jessica wears it so well!! Absolutely stunning!

Glenn Close: Okay, for a 64yr old woman, she looks so HOT in this forest green dress! Love it!
Octavia Spencer: Once again, Octavia hits the best-dressed on my list. She is such a classy lady! The color and style of the dress looks amazing on her!

Michelle Williams: I have no words for this. It's absolutely on my BEST dressed list!

Rooney Mara: Simple, and gorgeous!

Emma Stone: I am in love with this! I adore the color of her hair with the dress!

Penélope Cruz: This is SUCH a gorgeous dress! I love how she channeled her inner old-fashioned movie star look!

Angelina Jolie: Angelina never disappoints me with her Red-carpet dresses! She looks stunning in this! I also think it's hilarious how a twitter page was made for just for Angelina's leg!

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, February 21

Perfect Red Lips

How many of you like the red lip, but are too scared to actually wear it?

Well, not to fear anymore, Michelle Phan is here to save the day! This video she made is really helpful, it inspired me to do a red lip, and hopefully it will inspire YOU to do it, too!



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