Saturday, February 8

my life in pictures

Lacrosse season is rolling around! I'm so excited!
It's been snowing non-stop here in Portland. VERY unusual for February. I'm not complaining though, I haven't been to school or work in a few days!

Cheer leading is coming to an end. Our state competition is next week and we only have a few more basketball games!
How cute are these?! I fell in loooove. ♥ does anyone know what they are called?
my little brother Donavon and I chilling out in the car on our way home.

My school had our winter formal last Saturday! Unfortunately we got kicked out because of the amount of intoxicated people. (I was not intoxicated fyi)

My big sister Cameron and I went on a little bubble tea run the other day! I got Kumquat with strawberry jellies and she got Lychee with rainbow jellies... so yummy

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