Wednesday, December 22

I Received a free Sephora Birthday Gift!

A few weeks ago when I opened my email I had quite a surprise from Sephora! The email read:

Dear Mallory,

We know your birthday is still 2 weeks away, but we'll give you your FREE Beauty Insider gift now.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Beautiful Eyes Kit featuring:
- Lash Plumper Volumizing Mascara in Black
- Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green
- Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit

The fine print? I can get my free gift with no purchase necessary at the store (but it excludes Sephora's located inside JC Penny.) or with a purchase (with no minimum) online. And since I don't have an Insider card, all I had to do was give my email address to the cashier to receive my gift! Offer is good 14 days before my birthday to 14 days after.

(I believe that they change their gifts every year.)

Make sure and sign up for The Beauty Insider if you would like to receive a birthday gift!

Here are some pictures:)

The box it comes in:

The first look at the products:

Here is the mini-sized Eye shadow in 'Aspen Summit' It's a beautiful color, and it's also a lovely face highlighter!

Isn't that a pretty color?

And here we have the Nano Eyeliner in 'Silver Green'

Now, I am not a fan of bright colored eyeliners. But this is actually a nice color! Pretty close to black, eh?

And lastly, the Mascara. I will be fair & not say anything about it:)

Don't forget to check out my parent's blog!


  1. This just made me want to try to sign up for sephora just to get amazing gifts like that!
    awesome blog btw :)

  2. Hehe I got this same set for my bday too but haven't gotten around to using it yet. I hope they introduce a diff set this year :)

  3. @Catherine Ava I know right? You defiantly should, too!;)

    @Rinny I'm 100% sure that they will. In fact I think they already changed it to Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower gel. Yum(:


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