Wednesday, October 19

outfit of the daaaay! + DIOR!

It's time for another outfit of the day! I wanted to show you mine and my sister Cameron's outfits that we wore on a recent 'girl date' that we had! Me, Cameron, and my Mom went to Nordstrom's to look at their makeup counters and to have our makeup done by Dior, us teens can't afford Dior, but my mom decided to branch out and try them, so we tagged along and turned it into a fun girl date!

The makeup artist, Amy Gillespie, who was absolutely amazing, did my mom's makeup, and when she finished, she offered to do mine and Cameron's makeup, which for us was a no-brainer. I hopped in the chair, and she showed me how to do a day-time brown and pink smoky eye on me, and then taught me how to fill in my brows! She then had Cameron hop in the chair and did a gray sparkly smoky eye! The results were AMAZING!

After we finished, we looked around at all the other makeup counters such as Bobbi Brown, Chanel, MAC, Clinique, Lancome. The benefit of doing this isn't just to have fun, although we DID have a lot of fun, but it teaches me things, like how to fill in eyebrows, or how to do a smoky-eye!

The makeup artist mentioned that Dior is a Couture line and it totally was! The blush comes sealed in a satin pouch, the lip-gloss is amazing, and their colors are vibrant and long-lasting!

Annnyway here are the outfits! (and the m

heres a picture of my boots:

My outfit:
cashmere light brown sweater - yard sale 50¢
military style jacket -yard Sale $1.00
skinny jeans -the brand is Grane, yard sale $1.00
feather hoop earring -forever21
brown fuzzy boots -from a friend

Cameron's outfit:

headband -
dollar store
gray lacey top -$1.00 yard sale

black blazer like cardigan -$5.00 from Old navy

skinny jeans - 50¢ yard sale

boots -given to by a friend

Me and Cam just being silly
Cam and me at Nordstrom's

Check out Amy Gillespie's facebook page and blog!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! What a great experience huh? You guys look great! Have a great day!Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Adorable! You guys both look so cute!
    Gosh, I wish you lived closer to me, we would be best friends (at least I hope so =)
    The makeup does look really nice <3

  3. @Sierra Thanks! Yes it was a great experience! i LOVE dior now!;)

    @Bellesme Haha. Thaaankya. i KNOW! that would be sooo awesome!

  4. Super cute!!!! Love it!!


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