Thursday, November 10

Hi Everyone!
Happy November! I can not believe that thanksgiving is almost here!

Time for a sister outfit of the day! ;)

For outfits, I went for a more bright, textured outfit and my sister Cameron went for a fall outfit as in dark colors and layers!


Cameron's Outfit:

What she's wearing:

Black top- Yard Sale 50¢
Skirt- Given to by a friend
Patterned tights -my mom's
Black booties -Salvation Army $7.00
Black over coat -hand me down

My Outfit:

What I'm wearing:

Gray dress- yard sale 50¢
Bright blue short-sleeved cardigan-S
Salvation Army -$2.00
Patterned tights-Fred Meyer's on sale
Boots-given to by a friend
Necklace-Old Navy half off
Cole Haan bag -$5.00 at Salvation Army

Have a GREAT week! XO

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  1. I love your tights!



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