Thursday, November 18

A home-made headband.

Hello Darlings!
Hope everyone's staying warm! I wanted to show you something that I made in the last week.... A headband! So what I did was I took a plain white headband, which I got 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, then took some cream colored lace, which I got at a garage sale a few month's back thinking that I could get some use out of it, & I did! I then used a glue-gun, & glued them together. Then I took this fabulous bow ribbon, which was given by a friend who gives us scraps of ribbons from her card-making hobby. glue it on top, & let it dry...
voilĂ ! A headband! So think about how YOU can make you own hair accessory!!

Have a blessed day!


  1. So pretty!I usually don't do anything with my hair because I used to have tangles when it was long and it was to thick to do anything but pony tails.Now I've cut it to my shoulders and it is kinda limp and not doing anything and it still gets frizzy.So it's always in a pony tail or with a strong elastic head band.The only other thing I've come up with is taking some of my sides and some from the back and putting it in a little pony tale and letting it sit on top of the hair left it is like and up while down do.Do you have any hair styles that I could use?Sierra

  2. so cute! I like lacey. You are very artistic to do this.
    A new follower:)

  3. hey, i was wondering what you're email was so i could ask you some questions. Thank you so much and I LOVE your blog! Could you check out mine and maybe follow?! I started following yours a day ago.

  4. Mallory-this is the cutest!
    I'm a HUGE headband fan;)!

  5. @Sierra I can totally relate to you! Even though I can leave my hair down, I always seem to put it up. One of my favorite things to do when I don't feel like having bangs in my face is I will either braid or twist the front of my hair & pin it. Then I'll put my hair in a pony tail or even a bun to create a bohemian effect. Best bet to tame frizz is to go to a beauty supply store or even your local drugstore and try out a anti-frizz hair product. Apply it before you put your hair up. You've also mentioned limpness,why don't you try a volumizing hair mousse & scrunching it while your hair is still wet? My sister, who tends to have limp, straight hair, bought a Aussie 'aussome' volume hair spray in maximum hold. She says she loves because it creates a voluminous, lifted look. It was under three dollars at Walmart. Make hair accessories your best friend, head-bands, hair barrettes, ribbons, clips, ect...Dress up your hair! By looking less at how much you dislike your hair, think about how much fun it can be to wear hair accessories & to try new things!!

  6. @ginger snaps: Thankyou!!:)


    @Katie: Thanks! hopefully I'll be able to make some more!

  7. ur blog is the cutest! awesome pics btw!

    check my blog out at
    follow if u like! :)


  8. love it! i love headbands :) i can't believe you are just 13 and so multi talented already ;)

  9. Your blog is so cute!!! I love it!!
    I love the headband you are so creative!

  10. Thanks beautybow! I LOVE the FOTD Rose Garden look that you did today!;)


  11. I love it! You are so creative! I'm creative too, but I probably would have never thought of something like this! SOOOOOO jealous!

  12. this is too cute, and i love the big flower headband in the previous post too. lovely blog.


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