Thursday, November 11

inspiration of the past.....

Hey sweets!
Hope you're doing fine! What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving? This outfit of the day was an inspiration of the
past ('40s-'50s) It's classy, yet cute. Now vintage is NOT normally my style...but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try new looks. After all, Pink is one of the many colors I like, & I've always loved it paired with brown. So enjoy this vintage outfit of the day!;)

(Lady Cameo necklace: from my Grandma's jewelry box. Pearl Necklace: also from my Grandma's. Headband: Love Couture $4.99)

(Pink Top: Forever21, but I got it at a garage sale for 50¢. White tank: Old Navy, I got half off.)

(Lady Cameo skirt: Goodwill for $5)

(Brown pumps: Bongo, I got at a yardsale for $2)

(Dark Brown gloves: Dollar Tree, for $1. Pearl ring: WetSeal clearance for $1.99. Pearl bracelet: Garage sale free;)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Two blogs to follow~


  1. omg love the outfit!

  2. So cute!You look so pretty!Sierra

  3. Beautifull post :) i’m new on blogger and from now i’m your new italian follone :) if you want to follow me this is my url! Xoxo

  4. This is so pretty! I wish I was this stylish when I was younger! x

  5. I can't believe you're 13 and so stylish already! Love the outfit, you look very elegant and ladylike :)

  6. wow you are so beautiful!! you look like a doll in this outfit :)

  7. @ Madiha Now that just made my day!;)

  8. What a beautiful outfit! Great job Mallory!

  9. Okay, first of all: I love your blog. It's so adorable. Second--I live in the Portland area, too! :-)

    And thirdly, this outfit is BEYOND beautiful, and you are absolutely lovely. Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations, and your headband! Oh my, I love it so!

  10. amazing, pretty and lovely!!!! ^^

    wonderful blog!
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  11. @Polka Dot: Thanks! You do? that's great!!

    @la mi: I've always wanted to go to Italy!^_^

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