Sunday, November 7

I love my parents...

It's almost Thanksgiving! Which reminded me of how thankful I am for my parents...which gave me the idea to put them on!

I wanted to put my wonderful parents on here to show you it's not just us girls who shop at yard sales...our whole family does! My mom has been shopping like this since we were born. But it's been just recently that us girls have been taking over the job. With 10 people in this family (4 girls and 4 boys) it was hard to go shopping on one income. So this year my parents gave us money for yard sales so that we could shop by ourselves. My mom has taught me what kind of name brands you could look for and how to know if a piece of clothing has the potential to be cute. I'll admit that when we first started out I hated doing it. Half the time I wouldn't even get out of the car. Let alone look through other people's dirty clothing. But then as I started seeing my sisters come home with cute jewelry, a Jimmy Choo purse, ect, I was jealous and was very motivated to go. Now it's actually exciting because it's like a treasure never know what you could find!

Black Pumps: Danskos which she got for $75 online but was originally $158.64. Jeans: Ann Taylor $88 but she got for only $7 new at Goodwill. Gold Hoops: Target for $5.

She & my dad were going out to dinner:)

My dad got this leather jacket which is a Nordstrom's brand...which he got brand new with the tag still on for only $20!

(He's wearing it on the above picture:))

Dress: "Free People" $5 at Goodwill. Black Cardigan: "Apostrophe" $7 at Sears on the clearance rack. Gold Necklace: Shes had in her jewelry box:)

Have a fabulous week loves!!


  1. the outfit really is good buy~

  2. Wow. I have 5 brothers =P and my dad makes a comfortable amount but not that much, but still my mom hates to go to yard sales and goodwill. I really want to go all of the time, but my mom never lets me....:(

  3. Yay for consignment stores and yard sales!

  4. @Renee: I know she is the best at finding really good buys;)

    @Audrey: I know sometimes it's hard to get along but we manage quite well! Oh yes you should definitely try to go garage saleing!

    @Sierra Yay! haha

  5. Love the outfits u find!!!! Cameron looks a lot like ur mom huh?? :) <3

  6. @Sarah: I know right? EVERYONES been saying that! Love you~


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