Monday, January 24

My birthday...

Hello! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I s'pose I haven't. The thing is, I've been running out of ideas...and would love for you all to give me thoughts about what you would like to see on my blog, FOTD's? OOTD's? Random Rambles?

WELL! Last month, (December 2
8th) was my birthday! I turned 14. I had an absolutely lovely time. My sisters and my brothers made me cupcakes! They also slaved for hours making home-made noodles & gnocchi. It was so sweet! I'm so thankful for my family.

Speaking of cupcakes, do you ever eat the bottom of them first..and save the frosting for the last? I still do it all the time!

So what did I do for my birthday? I'll tell you...I woke up, ate delicious waffles with home-made whipped cream and sprinkles, went out on a date with my mom, where we went to T.J. Maxx, the Mall, Nordstrom Rack, & then went out to lunch to 'Five Guys Burgers & fries,' They have delicious hamburgers and french fries!

We went home, and my siblings finished frosting the cupcakes but surprised me with how lovely they decorated them! (I honestly did not know they could decorate so beautifully!) We ate a wonderful dinner of Home-made fettuccine, gnocchi, green beans with sesame seeds, a salad, and of course, the fabulous cupcakes!

And for presents I got makeup, perfume, a lovely sterling silver heart necklace, perfect for wearing everyday, EARS PIERCED!

So the day before, (Monday) my mom and sisters surprised me by taking me to the mall and getting my ears pierced! It really didn't all! I was so excited! And they just said "We're going to run errands and you're coming too...."

Here are some pictures:


(homemade fettuccine)

(homemade gnocchi)



Have a lovely week!


  1. You have such a wonderful family!! I miss you guys all so much :)
    I also really like reading your blog. I don't have much direction to give because I really just like reading about everything going on in your life! I like seeing the outfits that you and your sisters wear, I like reading about the deals that you get thrifting, and I also like reading about the stuff you all cook. Keep up the good work!

  2. Happy "belated" Birthday :).

    Sadie x

  3. OMG i love your blog and follow you now. Mybe you follow me bag? Lots of Love <3

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I got my ears pierced last April.
    I think the worst part was waiting for the gun to shoot :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    Those cupcakes look soo goood!!! =)

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