Tuesday, January 4

OOTD ft. Cameron Ashleigh Frost

Hey Loves! Hope you all are staying warm! I want to show you how lovely my sister Cameron looks all dressed up in pink! Make sure to check out her BLOG! Enjoy this beautiful young lady's 'pretty in pink' outfit!

(Stunning, isn't she?)

Pink Blouse: Garage Sale.

Hot Pink Blazer: Garage Sale.

Skinny jeans: Garage Sale.

Necklace: Given to by a friend.

Headband: Fred Meyer's Clearance.

Little pink rose bud earrings: from my grandmother's jewelry box.

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Have a lovely week!

P.S. I will be having a 100
+ followers giveaway! So stay tuned!


  1. The first picture is beautiful!

  2. She's beautiful and pink looks great on her!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I love that first picture.Love the necklace too.Sierra

  4. i have the same necklace! :)
    but yes, cute outfit :)


    follow me?: http://iknowtheressunshinebeyondthatrain.blogspot.com/

  5. hi girly! i was just randomly looking through my old blog posts and just saw that you gave me the "one lovely blog" award. OMG, thank you so so so so much! and i apologize for getting to you back so latey :( so so so sorry! silly me didn't think anyone would really comment on my blogposts anyways.

    will definitely make blog post about this award you gave to me, so sweet of you!

    i hope everything is going well with you in the new year so far, and good luck on getting your 100th follower!!! that's so exciting :D

    i am definitely following now!

    best wishes xx

  6. Awesome blog -- I am a new follower!

    Your sister is adorable -- I like how she got a deal on everything and her make-up is so cute!

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway :)


    <3 Kelly

  7. Hey girls check out yourgirlsworld.blogspot.com for advice on.... well anything you can think of :) Please becomem a follower and leave comments!


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