Saturday, March 19

Spring nails picks!

Can you believe Spring is almost here?! S
eems like
only yesterday that 2011 started, now we're on third month of the year!!

I decided that since spring is coming, why not mak
e a "My spring nail picks" post? Well, here it is! Enjoy! P.S These are my own personal opinions...So feel free to tell me what other colors you like for spring!

When I think of Spring Colors, I think of Navy, Nude, pink, purple, white, & silver.

Left to Right:
O.P.I "Keep Off the Grass!"

Pure Ice "A List"

O.P.I "Cabana Banana"

Left to Right:
L.A Colors "Lil' Hottie"

Pure Ice "Spit Fire"

Color Club "Nude Pink"

Left to Right:
Avon "Creamy Apricot"
Pure Ice "Outrageous"
L.A Colors "Blue for U"

These 3D nail decals are both gorgeous and cheap ranging from $1.99 - $3.00 at drugstores. They don't need and glue just stick them on and slick some clear polish over and you're done! I've gotten plenty of comments when I do this saying, "How did you do that?! They look so professional looking!"

What's your favorite nail colors for Spring?

Blogs to follow ~

Have a great week!


  1. Oooooh, I really like the Pure Ice "spit fire"! It looks so glittery! I've never heard of that brand before, where do you buy it?
    I think nail decals are super cute! They can look really professional when you put them on =)

  2. I love nail decals!!!! My fave nail colors for spring are purple, light blue, pink, and orange!!!!

  3. O my gosh, I love Pure Ice. I have Spit Fire and Outrageous too. Unfortunately, my parents wont let me wear dark purple and any blue, orange, yellow, green, silver, black, etc. Basically, anything that isn't pink. :P

  4. @Bellesme You can get Pure Ice at Walmart for around $1 to $2. Also just to let you know I get my nail decals at Walmart too(:


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