Thursday, March 24

Spring outfit ideas!

Spring has Sprung!!
Although I love the color black, I think it's about time to put it back in the closet. Here are some fresh new ideas for your spring outfits!

These images are straight from Nordstrom's website, and once I saw them I knew I share them with you! The crisp, clean look, neutral colors, and soft natural makeup is what's hot for spring 2011. What's also hot
is to pair a bright coral lip with toned down greys, browns and sands.

Most of us can't go to Nordstrom's and buy a outfit, and we probably won't be able to get the exact pieces of clothing that the models are wearing, so how could we get the look for less? Take a look in your you have a white blouse? How about a brown skirt? Look at the pictures below, and then see what you have in your closet. Do you have a brown belt? Some nude heels? A vest? It doesn't have to be the same exact clothing or the same exact color. The reason why I'm showing you these images is because hopefully these will inspire you to create different outfits!

What are your favorite Spring looks?

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  1. Hey :)
    I love this blog, ive been on the hunt myself for nude heels for a while now. Seems like theyre all the go! Youve got style missy :) Love how you show something simple and turn it into something unique!

  2. Omg! That first outfit is so perfect! Its a killer outfit! Its modest, but sophisticated and fancy, and it looks great on her!! I also looove that cross-body in the second picture =)

  3. @Sharni Thank you so much for that sweet comment! Yes! for some reason nude pumps seem to be so hard to find these days....

    @Bellesme I know! That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw that outfit!

  4. I would so wear all of those!
    Thanks for the Inspiration :D


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