Tuesday, April 12

A sunny OOTD with my sister cameron!

How's everyone's week going? Hope you are enjoying April so far! The weather here is CRAZY! Raining one minute, sunny the next!

SO...last Saturday me, my sisters, my mom, and some friends went to Old Navy to shop at their clearance racks, and we all got some pretty good stuff! Cameron is wearing a cardigan with a black tee that she bought and
I'm wearing a cute grey 'Bubble' style top that I just so happened to find and fitted me just right! I LOVE it!

Anyways, on with the outfits!

Cameron's outfit:
Old Navy - Black Tee,
Old Navy - Cardigan
, $7.00
Claire's - Necklace, $1.99 clearance

Goodwill - Jeans, $7.00,
'Zana Di'
Goodwill - Shoes $5.00, 'Mossimo Supply Co.'

My outfit:
Old Navy - White tank top, $2.99
Old Navy - Grey 'Bubble' top, on sale for $5.99 orig. $15.99
Old Navy - Cardigan, $5.00 originally $20.00
Goodwill - 'IT!' Skinny Jeans
Buffalo Exchange thrift shop -
'Volatile' Black skull boots $15.00

Have a great weekend!!

P.S. Take a look at this lovely blog!

~ www.prettyglitterheartsx.blogspot.com


  1. AWWW you look sooo pretty =) So does Cameron, how old is she?

  2. You guys are gorgeous!Love how the sun is in te pictures.Sierra

  3. UGH!I hate typos!I meant the.Sierra

  4. @Bellesme Thanks so much! Cam is 15(:

    @Sierra Oh you are SO sweet! Thankyou!♥


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