Friday, April 22

Another great thift steal!

I wanted show you this super cute purse my mom found for only $15.00! I know right?! The brand is called 'Chinese Laundry' and their prices range from $46.99 to $200. She went to Goodwill one day to spend a coupon and then she saw this and called me saying, "Mallory, I found this blue purse and the brand is Chinese Laundry. Can you look it up for me?" I did, and I told her that they ranged from $46.99 to $200. She bought it for $10.00 WITH the coupon thinking how nice it would be for spring. (But seriously, how ADORABLE is this for spring?!) It was TOTALLY worth it! Oh, and you can BET that I'll be borrowing this purse from her! *wink wink*

Abbi ~
Jo ~

Hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday!!!


  1. That's totally cute! Love it!
    I was wondering if you could comment and post a link about my blog at the bottom of one or two of your posts sometime. I see that's you've done it for a few other people and it'd be very much appriciated!

    -aBBi giRL

  2. Thank you for mentioning the blog Mallory! It means alot!

    -aBBi giRL

  3. That's a great bag! I love the color. Just discovered your blog and am now following your blog. Love the header!


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