Monday, May 2

Yard Sale deal part 1

Well it's May 2nd, and I'm so glad it is! That means only ONE more month until SUMMER! That also means that Garage Sales are just starting to appear again!
On Saturday, me, my sisters, my mom, and a friend decided that since it was a sunny day, why not look for yard sales? We did, and I found a few good things! This dress that I'm showing you was one of them and is probably the best thing I've found so far!

What I'd pair with it:
Black pumps
A black belt with a bow on the front
And if it's chilly, a simple cropped cardigan

it is:



'Simply Vera' by Vera Wang originally $58.00 but got for only a $1.00

two of this Yard Sale haul is coming soon!

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The beautiful



  1. I love your blog Mallory! I get so excited when I see an update on it!!

  2. Ooo so pretty

  3. wow, that's one of the best yard sale deals i've ever come across. you did well in buying that for a mere $1. i love the details on the neckline Mallory!


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