Wednesday, May 11

Do It Yourself Flower clips!

It's raining. Really hard. So I decided that since it's all wet and gross outside and I couldn't finish the gardening that we've been doing, having free time, I went down to the basement to see what kind of supplies I had available and found some fake flowers and clips. Hair accessories, headbands, clips, ect, are really hot right now, so having all the right things, I made them. They were SO easy! (took only 10 minutes!) And I'm so happy with the way they came out!

Here's how they turned out:

-Glue gun

-Artificial flowers AND/OR leaves ~You can get a
set of these at your local $1 store.
(or check in free boxes at yard sales, which is where I got these flowers.

-Hair Clips ~You can also get a set of these for $1


1. Taking the glue gun, squeeze a small dot onto the clip.

2. Take your flower, and press it lightly on the clip.

*OPTIONAL* You can also use artificial leaves, as I did, with your flowers. Just make sure you glue the LEAF FIRST!

3. Take your glue gun again and secure the flower around the edges.

4. Let dry, about 30 seconds, And you're DONE! Super easy, super cute homemade flower clips!

Wow 100 followers?! You guys are amazing! Thank you SO much!

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Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Great DIY tutorial Mallory! This looks really easy to do :D The ones you made look really pretty ^_^

  2. Those are adorable!! I'm gonna have to try those!!

  3. thats such a good idea! a cheaper way then buying them!

    also pretty please may you shout of my blog for me? I just started it and have 1 follower, pretty poor if you ask me! thank you

    brogan xo


  4. Oww such cute clips :'D

    NOMNOMNOM chocolate cake! It was deliiiiicious I tell you. If only they hadn't pumped it with stupid walnuts : (

  5. Thanks for this tutorial - I'm going to make one to go in my hair with my graduation dress!


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