Tuesday, January 17

Golden Globes Awards - Best Dressed List

Who watched the Golden Globes Awards on TV Sunday night?

I did! One of my most favorite things about a
ny of the awards is that I LOVE seeing all of the gorgeous dresses that the celebrity women wore and judging on whether it's a Hit or a Miss. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one of you ladies that do that!

Here are MY own personal choices! Enjoy!

Julie Bowen: She looks stunning, and that is SUCH a gorgeous dress! I also love how she did her hair! One of my favorites!

Claire Danes: This dress is another personal favorite of mine, Claire just oozes sophistication! I love how she paired the black and white dress with a bright red lip. Gorgeous!

Kate Winslet: Elegant is the word that goes perfectly with this dress.

Debra Messing: Love her earrings! She looks lovely.

Okay, let me say this, I am a sucker for nude dresses! They are so beautiful! And so when I saw Sarah Hyland in this dress, I fell in love! The black sash just ties the whole look together!

Helen Mirren: She amazes me, 66 years old and looking AGELESS! This dress suits her skin tone well and I love all of the ruffles!

Emma Stone: When I first saw this I wasn't so sure what to think of it, but then after seeing this on her a few times it started to grow on me! Now I LOVE it!

Stacy Keibler looks absolutely stunning in this simple, elegant hot red dress! (And what's better than to match the Red Carpet? ;) )

Dianna Agron: I LOVE this unique dress! The color, the lace, her red lips, everything!

Heidi Klum: One word, GORGEOUS! I love love love how she paired the nude-colored dress with some bight colored jewelery!

Salma Hayak looks hot in this edgy Gucci dress, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on her!

Charlize Theron: Now I know this dress has a lot of mixed reviews on it, but I personally think this is gorgeous, and I like it with the headband, she is one of the few celebs that I've actually seen wear a headband on the Red Carpet! Charlize looks amazing!

Jessica Alba looks like a queen in this gorgeous lilac colored dress! Absolutely STUNNING!

Naya Rivera: I am loving this simple, elegant grey curve-hugging dress!

Shailene Woodley: This is super cute, adore the color! Looks gorgeous on her!

Viola Davis: She is gorgeous! I love the wine-colored dress on her!

Angelina Jolie: I really like this dress, it's amazing how a simple touch of red could really brighten it up and enhance the nude color!

Stay tuned for Part two!


  1. You have included some of my personal favourites, too!


  2. that was SO much fun. I never look at those dresses!


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