Saturday, January 21


Here is part two of the Golden Globes awards: Worst dressed list.


Sarah Michelle Gellar: I am not a fan of this dress, I do not like the blue design all throughout the dress. But I DID think that it was sweet of her to let her 2yr old daughter pick the dress out for her!

Callie Thorne: I do not like this dress, the color, the style, and I'm not a fan of how she paired the red clutch with the dress either.

Jessica Beil: Hmm, I am not crazy about this dress. First, her hair looks terrible with the dress, if it were an elegant up-do it would be different. Second, not loving how her slit is up to her you-know-what.

Julianna Margulies: The one thing that made me not like this is, her earrings. I'm not loving the mint green with the plum. They just don't work together, in my opinion.

Taissa Farmiga: She is a beautiful girl, but looks totally washed out and depressed in this color. I would've added a fancy headband to her hair to make the whole ensemble pop.

Amanda Peet: I don't exactly like the three layers on this dress, looks a little un-flattering on her.
Kim Richards: The dress itself looks lovely on her, but I HATE the choker necklace!! It makes her look really cheap, in my opinion.

Missi Pyle: The color of the dress, with the red lip, does not look good!

Who is on your worst dressed list for the celebs who attended the Golden Globes awards?

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