Sunday, September 11

Hey all!
I know some people have some doubts about shopping at second-hand thrift shops, but the things you can find could be so worthwhile!

Anyway I want to show you what I got when I went to Salvation Army the other day!

We found out that they were having 50% off on everything so Me, my Mom, my brother Emerson and my sister Samantha went one hot afternoon and looked around and I'm glad we did because I have been looking for a black purse for quite awhile, and I've been deciding whether to get an expensive one or look at thrift stores...but luckily I looked in the purse section and saw this nice fake black Miu Miu purse and I decided to get it...I know it' s not the real deal but I LOVE it!

Here is a picture of the purse:


Now I know it might be funny to you that I'm posting a pair of Men's jeans on my blog...but the reason why I'm showing you is because they are 'Rock and Republic' jeans, which cost around $208.00 or more! But we got them for only $4.99!!! So my dad got a nice, expensive pair of jeans for a lot less than the original price! Honestly how great is that?!

Pictures of the Men's jeans:

I will be doing a 'Favorite Fall Fashion' post next...tell me what YOUR faves are!


  1. Those are some great finds! my mom just got me a bunch of stuff...I haven't seen it though because she's saving it for my birthday :*(
    But I did get a pair of sketchers...for about 2.00 :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. It's past...she got me a plaid shirt and another one with a belt that is so-so :/ She tried though :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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