Sunday, September 4

My second favorite garage sale deal!

So a few weeks ago I posted my
"My Most Favorite Garage Sale deal!"and today I'll be showing you all my SECOND favorite yard sale deal! So about a week ago I had the privilege of helping a friend with her wedding reception, which was kind of a 'pool party,' only more formal. It was also the perfect occasion to wear this Forever21 pink dress that I got for only $1.00 at a garage sale and I had so much fun wearing it! I felt like I was in pink cotton candy! Same with the Chanel purse in my last post, it was hidden in a little rack of clothing, sometimes garage saling takes a little looking, you never know what you can find!

(Here's a picture of my back turned so you can have the idea of the style)

Hahaha this picture makes me laugh! My sister was the Photographer at the event so she got some interesting pictures of me! Lesson learned DON'T look at your sister while eating!

(I just had to show you the
desserts that were cute and delicious!;)


  1. The dress is to DIE for, and for ONE DOLLAR? Lucky girl ;)

  2. Beautiful, as always(:

    -Abbigayle Rashae

  3. OMG its gorgeous! <3 The dress is pretty, but I think you look lovely!
    Go Mallory! =)

  4. That dress is so georgeous! Could you check out my blog and follow it! BTW I love yours and I've been following it for months! :)

    Thanks Chica!


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